The Importance of Food Processing Equipment Maintenance

15 June 2022

Food items today can be readily accessed through stores. Well-prepared meals can also be bought from restaurants, cafes, and others. The ingredients of these products, however, can only remain edible, palatable, and safe through food processing.

Food processing has been taken for granted by people these days. After all, they can already acquire their needed food products or meals from stores and establishments. The existence of food processing allows people to consume food items without worrying about getting illnesses. It also helps create various products, providing consumers with a wide selection of food items.

Food Processing Equipment Maintenance is Key

To produce high-quality food items and products, food processing plants should utilise the right food processing equipment pieces. Aside from investing in the right machines, plant managers should also subject them to regular inspection. Ultimately, they must carry out regular maintenance to food processing equipment pieces. Failure to maintain them regularly may lead to unnecessary downtimes, unexpected expenses, and compromised food safety.

Among these three effects, plant managers should worry about food safety the most. Downtimes and expenses are expected with any other industrial plants and commercial spaces. Food safety, however, can pose a threat to a business that is part of the food processing industry.

The lack of food processing equipment maintenance will only lead to the microbiological and physical contamination of food products. The products may even be filled with worn or broken components of the equipment. They may also be mixed with substances and chemicals that could make them poisonous.

Utilising Preventive and Predictive Maintenance

Before, many plant managers would only subject their food processing equipment pieces to maintenance once they have acquired damages. This type of maintenance, also known as reactive maintenance, may be effective in some cases. But as time passes, it can only lead to high maintenance costs.

Two types of maintenance that can provide better benefits to the equipment pieces are preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance.

Preventive maintenance entails the inspection, diagnostic, servicing, and replacement of parts on well-planned maintenance schedules. This type of maintenance is good for the food processing plants since they can still work optimally while equipment pieces that are not yet needed for certain operations are being maintained. Predictive maintenance, alternatively, is a condition-based maintenance approach that intends to identify, measure, and set aside equipment pieces for maintenance before they fail or get damaged. It anticipates any potential failure, which can then minimise the plant downtimes.

The combination of preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance can even make everything better for food processing plants as both maintenance works can provide them with vital economic and food safety benefits. The plants’ operation is then expected to become more efficient and cost-effective.

Equipment Maintenance with Wright Engineering

If you want to have your food processing equipment maintained by professionals, you can call us at Wright Engineering. We are a company that specialises in the manufacture, installation, relocation, and maintenance of industrial manufacturing equipment and industrial food manufacturing equipment. We can map, plan, decommission, transport, install and recommission any equipment for manufacturing and food processing. We can also assist with layout changes from design to manufacture and installation.

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