The Importance of Hygienic Design in Food Manufacturing Equipment

30 May 2022

Companies that are part of the food manufacturing industry invest in a wide array of equipment to make their operations efficient and profitable. Some equipment pieces that they typically use include marinating injectors, meat bandsaws, meat grinders, mixer blenders, screens, and confectionary moulders.

The machines and equipment utilised for this industry may be classified according to their main purpose. Some may be intended for cleaning, grading, peeling, and sorting, while others are designed to crush, chop, form, and mix. One thing, however, that is common among food manufacturing equipment is they must boast a hygienic design for them to be effective.

Neglecting Hygienic Design

Food products can be delicate. With a simple interaction with harmful microorganisms, a huge portion of these products can already be contaminated. And if food manufacturing plants managed to overlook the affected goods and ship them to different retailers and customers, they might be eventually flooded with health-related complaints and even lawsuits.

Complaints and lawsuits can affect the overall reputation and perception of food manufacturing plants to the public. Hence, they should always make sure that their processing plants are filled with food manufacturing equipment with a hygienic design.

Generally, investing in equipment pieces with hygienic design allows food processing and manufacturing plants to carry out cost-efficient production and minimise food contamination with microorganisms. They can also expect faster cleaning processes throughout their business facilities and production lines.

More Economical Cleaning

Not all food manufacturing businesses, unfortunately, prioritise equipment pieces with hygienic design. Some businesses still purchase and invest in food manufacturing equipment pieces that do not consider hygiene as their primary element. As time passes, they may encounter difficulties in cleaning them as well as producing high-quality food products.

Hygienic design is crucial to the food manufacturing industry since it can provide more economical cleaning to businesses. Food equipment pieces that boast a hygienic design allow businesses to clean them without worrying about food contamination during their operations. These equipment pieces can likewise make food products safe and free from elements that can ruin their quality.

Modifying Older Equipment

Almost all new food manufacturing equipment pieces today can already be assembled with a hygienic design. But not all companies will start from scratch. Many food manufacturing plants have already invested in food equipment pieces before. And for them to discard all of them can be wasteful.

Fortunately, existing food manufacturing equipment pieces can be modified to acquire the needed hygienic design. When modifying these equipment pieces, manufacturers can effectively consider ease of cleaning, contamination risk, and other elements to make them hygienic in the end. Hygiene-critical areas in equipment pieces are normally assessed to know the level of modification they need.

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